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Bali is one of the most favorite traveler choice destinations in the world. Once, it was thought that holiday in Bali is expensive. It’s not a completely wrong mindset because it is all depends on your holiday budget. You can still get any happiness and pleasure in Bali whether you have low or unlimited budget to spend in this island. Here are some tips for your holiday with budget you can choose:


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You can find many restaurants or street foods that serve delicious food with the tastethat might just be as good as the expensive restaurants. Here are some places you should visit and try when you are in Bali.

  • Sate Bawah Pohon (Pork Satay below the Big Tree)

This street food is one of the most famous street foods in Kuta. Located at the parking lot of Gelora Trisakti in Jalan Patih Jelantik, Legian, this Pork satay is served fairly simple with ketupat or rice as side dish, accompanied with red pepper and salt for the additional spice.

  • Zanzibar

This open space Blue themed restaurant is located on the beach side of Blue Ocean Beach or famously known as Double Six Beach. Established by bunch of Italian expatriates, Zanzibar specialized in Pizza, Pastas and Seafood dishes with affordable price. On the sunset time, they will display free flow finger food buffet for the customers to accompany their bottle of beer or glass of cocktail.



To all the youngsters by age and heart out there, spending time chatting with your friends along with watching sunset for sure is the only way to be. Here are some of our recommendation places you can enjoy without having to dig your pocket too deep:

  • Roti Canai dan Teh Tarik Bu Nana

You can find many varieties of processed bread that is originated fromIndia with Malaysia style, the famous Roti Canai on this Jalan Sunset Road, Kuta

roti canai

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Seminyak Beach Bars:

  • Crystal Palace
  • La Plancha
  • Champlung
  • Juice Park


Sunset in Seminyak is not exclusively belongs to the haves. You can also find the perfect place for hangout while enjoying the sunset, sand, and beach along the Seminyak Beach. There are so many beach clubs and bars with colorful interior design along this beach shoreline, all with affordable price. You can sit for hours enjoying sunset and cocktail in any one of the beach bars.



Bali is always known for its beautiful culture that can be found in any corner of Bali. The beauty of Bali’s religious ceremonies and culture can be found not only during special days. Herewith are some places to go when you want to see the authentic Bali culture:

  • Kecak Dance Uluwatu Temple

Kecak Dance is one of the most unique and mystical Balinese dance. Usually being held right after sunset, Kecak Dance is a captivating dance that is done without any background music whatsoever, but only being accompanied by a choir of around 70 men chanting.

kecak dance uluwatu

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Legian Street has always been known as one of the most famous area, especially for those craving for a little bit or craziness. You can find various bars with affordable prices along this Legian Street with affordable prices

Jalan Legian.

  • Vi Ai Pi
  • Sky Garden
  • Bounty

Explore the new side of Bali that never sleeps. Experience the beauty and energy in the heart of Kuta with this pocket-friendly places recommendation:



Need some information about good places to shop Bali souvenirs? Hereare some places you can try to visit:

  • Art market in Kuta or Legian area
  • Khrisna
  • Erlangga
  • Bali Kosayu
  • Agung Bali



No need to spend big money to show your partner how much you love her/him. Herewith are some romantic places for you to spend on your romantic holiday, with affordable price and priceless view.

  • Kebun Raya Bedugul

Do you want to feel fresh air away from Denpasar’s hustle and bustle? You can try to come to this calming botanical garden. It is one of romantic places in Bedugul area. You can have a picnic here with your loved one. Just pay for the entrance fee and bring some food, beverage and carpet or sarong for you to sit and relax.

kebun raya bedugul

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Wave is the main part of the sea; it is also the main ingredient of a good water sport activity. You can enjoy the waves by renting boogie board or surf board in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Uluwatu and even Canggu beach area. It’s a good option for your fun and cheap holiday in Bali.



There are many things to do in Bali, not only for adults but also for the children. For the parents, take your children to experience some brand new adventures and get in touch with nature. Here are some recommendations for some activities to spend with your kids.

  • Strawberry farm

You can take your kids to strawberry farm located in Bedugul and teach them how to pick strawberries. Usually, you only need to pay for the strawberries that you picked based on the weight.

  • Monkey forest

Monkey Forest is a good place for your kids to learn about monkeys and the wild life in Ubud’s protected forest. Children can also interact and feed the monkeys.

monkey forest

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