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Will You Go to This Place with Friends? Beautiful abandoned places in Bali

Will You Go to This Place with Friends? Beautiful abandoned places in Bali
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Holiday with friends it would be fun experience because you can explore and enjoy anything together. Bali surely perfect places to enjoy holiday with friends because Bali has complete destination, beautiful places, delicious restaurants, attractions, night clubs, and beautiful cultures until abounded places that has mystical aura. Definitely Bali has abounded places you must visit with your friends and test adrenalin together. Will you go to this place with friends? Here are abandoned and haunted places you should visit with friends:

1. Taman Rekreasi Bedugul

Source : IG @ bali.body

If you put Bedugul on your itinerary don’t forget to stop by at Taman Rekreasi Bedugul Hotel & Resort. This hotel not finished yet around 13 years after Bali bombing in 2002 and originally a project by son of Indonesia’s second president. Actually, the development was almost done seen from the toilets, reception area, furnished such as bed has been finished but status hotel was stopped. People called this place as ghost palace hotel. Believe or not? You just need to visit to testify. Located on Jalan Raya Bedugul.


2. Taman Festival

Source : IG @ thisgirlisnotlost

Located on Jalan Pantai Padang Galak, Sanur the building was neglected around 15 years. It is a biggest amusement park in Sanur but the construction was completely destroyed and called as Bali’s Ghost Town. Perhaps, this park is always place for crocodile to stopover and nidificate. The buildings which are overgrown with vines and weird creatures. Amusement park closed around 2000 and has been abandoned ever since. If you brave enough just come to Taman Festival and see it. The best way to reach the park with bicycle or motorbike. Just ride along Sanur’s beachfront boardwalk and just keep going.


3. Bounty Beach Club Bungalows

Source : IG @ cooking_companions

This place little bit far from Bali but you must visit and feel the atmosphere. We put Bounty on the list because has horrible rumors. First, the building neglected after Bali bombing in 2002 and the second one is the building abandoned after the owner died unexpectedly. You can see building ruins and still integrate. May infrastructure not be the reason, but rumors the story behind the neglect of building this one being very inviting curiosity. You can use ferry or fast boat to visit this place because Bounty located on southwest coast of Gili Meno.