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Hangout at Bali Bakery

Restaurant Bali Berry Glee is surrounded by cafes and restaurants for you to hang out with friends or family. We have a recommendation for you to visit, Bali Bakery located near from Berry Glee Hotel. Surely this place is perfect for you to relax with easy atmosphere for breakfast meeting, brunch, casual dining or just […]

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Try Balinese Mix Rice at Kedaton Restaurant Bali

Restaurant Bali Another culinary near Berry Glee Hotel is Rumah Makan Kedaton. Kedaton restaurant bali serves Balinese mixed rice, one of the most sought after dish type in Bali because of its simplicity and variation. Rumah Makan Kedaton is completed with glass table counter that displays many choices of side dish, so you can choose […]

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Spend Time Together at Waterbom Bali

Favorite Destination Kuta is a favorite destination from travelers and visitors around the world because it is complete with anything you needs from culinary, cafes, malls, beaches or any other activities for your whole family. We have a suggestion for your next special getaway with friends or whole family, Waterbom Bali. Waterbom Bali is the […]

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Culinary Bali: Must Try Pork Satay in Bali

Culinary Bali If you’re a food lover you should try pork satay near from Berry Glee Hotel. It’s one of the famous culinary Bali, so if it’s the first time you have holiday in Bali, it is a must try food. This place is called Pork Satay below the Tree because the place is located […]

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